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March 2, 2020
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Creating a Balinese Look at the Balcony

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Think of paradise on Earth and you will think of Bali. The moment you land in Bali, your senses are soothed by the exquisite scenes this island offers from every direction. The bluest ocean, white beaches, lush green land, brooding volcanoes, swinging monkeys, coffee aromas and smiling locals- Bali is all these and so much more. Who will not miss this tropical heaven when they go back home?

However, you can recreate Bali in your very own home by giving your balcony a Balinese style inspired makeover. Outdoor decking in Balinese style will transform your balcony into a luscious oasis that you will never want to leave. In this article, we give you homeowners some easy ways to help you create your personalized Balinese style balcony.

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Bali Influencing Tropical Design Globally

The beauty of Bali has always been extraordinary which is why people over the world have sought to replicate it at their own homes, gardens and balconies. Bali has turned into a home décor phenomenon. It is an elegant fusion of modern minimalism and natural elements bringing a rare kind of serenity to your surroundings, something noticeably lacking in our outdoor aesthetics these days.


One of the most quintessential Bali things is a bale. It is a thatch-roofed gazebo that is supported with intricate wooden structures. You will see bales pretty much everywhere in Bali from roadside eateries to fancy resorts. A bale is a very organic way of coping with the tropical heat in Singapore. It provides a natural cooling mechanism and filters all the natural elements like sun and wind to maintain an optimal temperature inside.

Designers all over the world have incorporated this Balinese bale in their own settings to give their place a tropical feel. Some bolder designers create entire suites within a single large bale by utilizing appropriate partitions. The outdoor area seamlessly flows into the interior personal room all under the steep bale roof. Many architects have even managed to contemporize the bale by constructing it using stones and marbles rather than the traditional bamboo, wood and thatch. These contemporary spaces look chic while exuding a faint breeze of the tropics as well.

Being One with Nature

Balinese design prioritizes harmony with nature above all else. Inner spaces transition effortlessly into outer areas of dense foliage and water courts. There are no obvious limits between the inside and outside spaces of a home. Natural elements are nurtured outside and allowed to flow gently inside. Such design aesthetic sense seems to have risen from the layout of traditional Balinese homes that would have a courtyard contained within the four walls of the house. This courtyard was a social hub where people relaxed amongst nature. Nature is revered and not repressed in such places.

Water also occupies a sacred place in Balinese culture. It symbolizes purity of the mind and soul. Therefore, traditional Bali gardens always make room for a body of water that reflects the serene landscapes around.

Creating a Balinese Look at the Balcony 2

How to Build a Balcony in the Bali Style

A Balinese way of outdoor decking is easily done by incorporating some of the elementary features that define Bali landscaping.

Minimise The Walls

Bali design believes in porous boundaries when it comes to separating the indoors from the outdoors. So, instead of heavy concrete or glass doors and walls you will notice extensive use of curtains and dense vegetation that act as natural barriers. Similarly, in your private balcony, you can use long flowing curtains and plants to create a tropical space that immediately feels more open and unobstructed.

Playing With Water

Balinese design is heavily inspired by the Balinese Hindu religion, bestowing water as an extremely treasured element in their culture. Therefore, almost every Bali garden contains water in one form or another. Your outdoor decking can include a gently flowing water fountain as a way of embracing this element. These water features can be both a relaxation and a meditation spot. Lotuses and lilies swaying in these water bodies look absolutely spectacular.

Terraced fountains also look quite stunning. These are inspired by terraced rice crop irrigation employed by traditional Balinese farmers that is still practiced today. These little details can transform your plain balcony into a tropical treasure trove that reverberates with life or udip as Balinese people like to say.


Bali landscape is teeming not just with natural beauty but also with hand- crafted sculptures and statues that stand testament to the unique artistic style of this island. Exquisite carvings created from stone and wood adorn Bali gardens and homes. These are also deeply rooted in Balinese Hindu religion and usually depict their revered gods, goddesses and demons. They are thought to protect the home and keep away the evil eye. For an authentic Balinese style balcony, you can keep some of these carvings amongst the plants or near the water body. These figurines will lend a charming artistic touch to your outdoor deck.

Go Organic

Consider using organic material for outdoor decking. Not only is it good for the environment, is also what traditional Balinese design uses the most. Bamboo, coconut bark, leaves and stones can be used in combination to reconstruct a balcony in the Bali fashion. Bamboo or rattan furniture pieces are also gentle on the environment. This is in keeping with the core Balinese philosophy of living harmoniously with nature without trying to control or
dominate it.


Bali interior design makes heavy use of fabrics to give the place an open and breezy feel. Long flowing curtains can mark the transition point from the indoors to the balcony. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and do not weigh the place down.

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What Furniture Do I Need

To add the finishing touches to your Balinese style inspired balcony, you will need furniture that goes well with the Bali aesthetic. Home décor boutiques like the Kulture Home Décor and InBali Furniture Lab have got you covered. These boutiques employ Balinese artisans to bring you authentic Balinese home décor pieces. Every item is handcrafted by talented local Balinese artists and carefully curated to give your home a true Bali look.

Kulture Home Décor contains a wide array of furniture collection to choose from. Coffee, console and nested tables along with beautiful room dividers are all available here at competitive prices. Each furniture item is extensively carved in the traditional Balinese style using sustainable materials. They deliver worldwide and for free in Singapore. Their wood carved room dividers and tables will instantly transform your balcony into a Balinese paradise. What better way to do it than through actual Balinese furniture art that supports the locals?

InBali Furniture Labs also employ local Balinese craftspeople to create stunning furniture seeped in Balinese art and tradition. Each piece is individually crafted and is rich in intricate detailing. Here you will get considerably more furniture options. In fact, you will be spoilt for choices here. Rattan and teak are extensively used in making their outdoor furniture. Lounge chairs, sofas, bar stools, benches, tables and planters are all available to pick from. Natural materials are utilized, just like how it is in the Balinese tradition. Their delivery is prompt and free in Singapore as well.

Hand woven cane and rattan furniture in your balcony will transport you back to this heavenly island. You can accessorize these furniture items with cotton sheets and linens to completely nail the Bali style. Dark timber pieces coupled with light fabrics will look really elegant and very Balinese. Wooden and stone carvings can be set on these tables or near benches to impart a traditional Bali touch to the balcony. Bali- inspired design and décor is all about experiencing nature by letting it flow freely. Use our design recommendations to create your very own tropical paradise.

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