High Quality Outdoor Decking

Looking to create beautiful decks for your property needs? Mu-flooring offers a wide selection of Natural Solid Woods, as well as Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking that can help you to achieve your dream architectural design.

What You Can Do with Mu-Decking


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Why Choose Mu-Decking

Commitment to Quality Service

MuFlooring offers a seamless installation and after-sales service experience for our customers. As direct business owners with a trusted team of in-house carpenters and BCA-registered contractors, we maintain close supervision of all decking installation process and maintenance from start to finish.

Reliable Timber Supply

Mu-flooring ensures that our timbers are of reliable and long-lasting and safe quality for your outdoor decking. We conduct routine quality checks on our timbers, before supplying them to our valued customers. Being wood connoisseurs and personal home users of wood decking, our philosophy is to never cut corners at the expense of quality. In addition, no harmful chemicals are used to treat and process the wood we use for outdoor decking.

Ethically Sourced Timbers

Our timbers are responsibly sourced from a licensed timber supplier, properly operating under the EU Timber Regulation. Our timber suppliers are compliant to international regulations, and we do not condone the practice of illegal logging.

The Right Support For Your Deck

Durable Support Structure

Our outdoor decking is firmly supported by the sturdy structures of our Unique Structural Elevation System (USES), made of the most resilient materials that give customers up to 10 years’ warranty against pest infestation and water damage.

Comfort in Leveled Surfaces

Feel the comfort of stepping onto a decking that eliminates natural incline/decline surfaces on your outdoor decks. Accurate measurements and highly skilled carpentry from our team at Mu-flooring allow levelled surfaces of top decks to be achieved.

Prevents Prolonged Water Damage

While the properties of our natural wood are water-resistant, prolonged years of submersion into water will inevitably cause serious damage to your outdoor decking. That is why we have incorporated our unique Structural Elevation System to protect your top decks against prolonged damage.

Materials We Carry

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Key Features



All of our Natural Wood and Composite Wood are water resistant, with innate properties to withstand torrential rains, spills and high humidity. This guarantees long-lasting and high quality outdoor decking, making Mu-decking perfect for applications like swimming pool decking and decking for outdoor trellis structures.


Resilience Against
Termites & Decay

Look no further for Premium Quality Timber and Composite Wood Decks that are against Termite Infestation and Natural Decay. MuFlooring's WPC decking boasts a 5-year guarantee against termite infestation and rotting, while we provide a 24-month limited Warranty Against Rot and Fungi infestation for all Natural Wood decking.



The Natural Timbers and Composite Wood we provide are selected for their natural inert durability, making them perfect for outdoor Decking, the construction of bridges and other outdoor timber applications.



Got a preference for the aesthetic finishing of your wood? Pick from our selection of premium varnishes for natural wood and colour options for WPC to achieve the dream decking you envisioned. We also provide varnishing services for home owners to maintain their existing top decks.

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Mu-Decking Is Certified

We highly value the importance of Service Quality and Environmental Sustainability. MuFlooring is ISO Certified and proud to be certified under Green Label Singapore. This makes us the preferred choice for Environmentally-friendly Outdoor Decking products in Singapore!