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Renovating Your Balcony
February 19, 2020
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Creating a Balinese Look at the Balcony
March 13, 2020

A deck can add so much of character and class to a house. It makes for a great outdoor seating area in the house. A well-designed deck can be a showstopper for an already gorgeous house. Apart from adding to the aesthetics of a house, a deck also increases the usable square footage of the house while giving an opportunity to integrate the outdoors with the indoors.

Decks may be of many different types. The materials used, the layout, the overall design, the decor, everything put together decide how a deck is finally going to turn out. In Singapore, homeowners have the option to choose from a variety of materials for their decks. Here are some types of decking materials available in Singapore that are found to be popular with most homeowners.

Types of Outdoor Decking Material 2

Outdoor Wood Decking

Wood can never go out of style. In fact, most often people tend to go for wooden decks rather than any other material as these looks extremely classy and timeless. This could also be because wooden decks have been around for decades, right from the kampongs to today’s metropolitan cities. No one can ever go wrong with a wooden deck.

When it comes to wooden decking, Singapore’s most popular choice is Chengal wood. But apart from Chengal, there are other varieties of natural timber too that can be great for this. There is Iron wood and Burmese teak as well, which work wonderfully for outdoor decks. Wood being a natural polymer, requires a little more care and maintenance to retain its newness.

The quality of the timber used also affects how long the wooden deck will last and how much maintenance it will need. For instance, seasoned wood is usually more durable than wood from younger, immature trees. Moisture present in immature timber can have a profound effect on its performance. Especially in a humid region like Singapore. Such wood may end up deforming and cracking within a short time, due to uneven expansion or contraction with seasonal changes. Therefore, it is important to choose good quality seasoned wood only for the outdoor decks.

To keep wooden decks as good as new for a longer period, it is important to maintain them occasionally. Maintenance is relatively easy which usually involves sanding and re-varnishing, these can be done every 2/3 years. Proper installation of the wooden deck panels is also very crucial. Improper installation methods may cause warping of decks. Only skilled and experienced professional decking contractors should be approached for installation. To read up more on installation mistakes to avoid, click here. For more information, feel free to contact our friendly MuFlooring Team.

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Eco Wood Composite Decking

As natural wood is high-maintenance, people often look for a more practical alternative that can be used outdoors in hot and humid climates like that of Singapore. This gave rise to the use of Eco Wood Composite decks which look like wooden decks but are more durable and require lesser maintenance.

Good quality Eco Wood Composite material is made from pure recycled wood fibers. Good quality Eco Wood Composite decking boards contain at least 60% of wood derivatives so that the finished product resembles real wood closely. The advanced manufacturing technology use in Eco Wood Composites makes it more durable than regular composites in terms of heat resistance and UV resistance. These Eco Wood Composite decks do not lose their color or fade under sunlight and offer good heat resistance as well. This makes the material perfect for use outdoors, such as the poolside. The reconstituted wood fibers in this material also make it splinter-free and slip-resistant.

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Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Decking

Composite decking is another alternative to wooden decks, which is long-lasting, durable and requires very little care. Composite deck boards are generally made of a composite of bamboo fiber and plastic, made to look very much like wood. No chemical treatment is done on this material, making it very safe for use. There is also no risk of splinters causing injuries, with these composite decks.

Composite decks are also very easy to clean as stains and dirt can be simply washed away using a detergent and water. The plastic makes these composite decks waterproof, so they don’t need to be coated with protective layers to prevent decay during rains. If the composite decking is of good quality, there is not much to stress over once the installation is done. Any good and reliable supplier of composite decks in Singapore can provide the best quality material for a long-lasting and gorgeous looking deck.

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