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March 13, 2020

What & Why Burmese Teak Flooring

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What is Burmese Teak Flooring?

Burmese Teak is a type of solid hardwood that has been growing in demand and used extensively in many homes in Singapore. It is an exotic wood that originates from Myanmar. Due to its versatility and durability, it is considered the highest grade and best type of wood for flooring that ages beautifully with time. Apart from flooring, other common applications of the Burmese Teak also include carpentry works, indoor and outdoor furniture and woodworking.

As Burmese Teak is a premium flooring material that often comes with a higher price tag due to its excellent quality, it is important to know how to identify authentic Burmese Teak. A few ways to determine them is from its colour, grain/texture, fragrance and water absorption.


Fresh Burmese Teak is golden yellow while a seasoned, exposed Burmese Teak is deep brown.


Generally, the grain of the Burmese Teak is straight with streaks of a darker shade although interlocked grains are occasional. The texture of the teak is coarse and uneven, with a moderate natural sheen.


Scent is a great way to distinguish it from other woods. The natural oil found in the teak has a faint but distinct aroma that smells earthy and leathery when freshly milled.

Water Absorption

Due to the natural oil present in Burmese Teak, it has excellent water-resistant properties. To test this method, drop a point of water each on the real and fake teak flooring. The water droplet on the authentic Burmese Teak will stand on the wood surface while water will penetrate on fake teak.

Burmese Teak Flooring is often regarded as a wealth symbol in South-East Asia, as it boasts the status of the homeowner. The Burmese Teak is favoured by designers for its aesthetic appeal as it allows endless flooring design possibilities that ages well with time. Its colour tone darkens gradually with exposure, creating a warm and inviting feeling to your home. Burmese Teak Flooring enhances the overall look of the space, radiating a welcoming feel in your cosy abode.

muflooring burmese teak outdoor decking

Advantages of Burmese Teak Flooring

There are many reasons as to why designers and homeowners prefer Burmese Teak as a flooring material. While there are myriads of flooring options such as laminate to vinyl to select from, quality often means a better long-term investment. Here are five benefits Burmese Teak Flooring offers that makes it a widely popular choice.


As floors are the largest surface of the room, investing in high-quality flooring is important as it must be able to withstand wear and tear caused by heavy footfall. Burmese Teak Flooring can weather high levels of humidity, which is prevalent in Singapore’s climate, making it economical in the long run. They are also resilient to prolonged shrinkage and expansion due to natural oil found in the wood, and its moderate to high density of the material prevents excessive cracking, surface splinters and loss of original form. In addition, it is also highly resistant to termite attacks, rot, fungi and mildew, all of which is a homeowner’s nightmare.


Burmese Teak Flooring adds warmth to the interior space with its rich golden-yellow hue that turns into a deeper rustic brown with age and exposure. Each cut of the Burmese Teak is unique and there are a variety of grains, colours and textures to choose from. The laying pattern of the flooring has an impact on the room’s ambience, making a room appear larger and grander. Various patterned flooring such as herringbone and basketweave can be incorporated to suit the aesthetics of the interior space. The design possibilities are endless. With its timeless appeal, it can easily be incorporated into classical and modern interior design concepts, making it a favourite flooring choice amongst homeowners.


There are different installation methods available based on the owner’s preferred style and the floor area of the space. Tongue and groove joint method allows the wood pieces to be fitted seamlessly by interlocking the floorboards at installation. It uses longer strips of wood which make them suitable for larger floor areas. On the other hand, parquet method is a jigsaw of wooden blocks that are laid on top of a flat solid base such as a concrete slab. This method is suitable for smaller compact floor areas.

Easy Maintenance and Care

As teak is naturally rich in oil, the Burmese Teak Flooring has a natural luminous glow even without additional treatment. The natural oil helps the wood to resist dry-rot and cracking hence it does not require regular sanding and maintenance as compared to other hardwoods. In addition, the resin found in the wood prevents infestation of termites and bugs, and is naturally resistant to water and fungi, making it fuss-free for homeowners. The teak surface can be easily restored to its original condition upon sanding to rid of scratches, marks and dents. Varnish should be painted once every three to four months to form a protective layer and to ensure longevity. Simply wipe spills and stains with a damp cloth and mop to keep the surface clean and dry. With appropriate care, Burmese Teak Flooring can last a long time.


Environmentally friendly flooring such as Burmese Teak is giving homeowners an option to go green with their decisions. With stringent government sanctions and measures, manufacturers are moving towards producing flooring materials that are sustainably made and sourced. Burmese Teak creates better indoor air quality and ensures that your home has a safe and healthy environment for your family to live in comfortably.

muflooring burmese teak outdoor decking

Why Choose Burmese Teak for Flooring

The choice of flooring is one of the key decisions to make to improve the quality of one’s home. Since flooring is a permanent part of the interior, selection of a high-quality flooring is therefore crucial. Flooring serves as a foundation of the house interior, making it the first point of physical contact when a person enters a home. As it is the most used surface, it is expected to withstand and endure constant friction and impact.

With a variety of flooring options available in the market, it is easy to disregard the practical aspects of your flooring needs. While it is possible to cut cost by choosing cheap flooring alternatives, it will not be long-lasting and will require the homeowner to spend additional costs on replacing and repairing the floor (which is likely in a cheaper floor that does not have the ability to sand and re-polish). Hence, flooring is the main priority in a home that should not be overlooked.

Burmese Teak Flooring has proven to stand the test of time as it has for the past few decades. Its incredible strength and durability are known to last; it is no surprise why Burmese Teak is often nicknamed as “King of Hardwood”. Burmese Teak provides a versatile and durable solution for your flooring needs and adds character and a sophisticated sense of style to any interior décor. The colour tone is luxurious and warm, creating a homely feeling for the homeowner to relax and unwind after a long day.

For more enquiries on Burmese Teak Flooring, contact MuFlooring and get a free consultation today.

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