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November 26, 2019
The Difference Between Chengal Decking and WPC 1
The Difference Between Chengal Decking and WPC
January 20, 2020

While a house is merely a concrete structure, a home is one’s sanctuary. It is where homeowners create lasting memories and seek comfort from the rigors of the day-to-day life. Although seemingly simply, installing a deck can enhance your home’s overall feel.

While it is aesthetically pleasing, wooden decking also provides a more comfortable feel beneath your feet as compared to the standard tile. You can definitely look forward to lazing out on the deck or even boast to your friends about your own unique choice of decking.

However, it is crucial to understand the types of decking material available to you! So, in this post, we will discuss some of the best decking options, and those commonly used in Singapore.

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Best used material for decking

Wood-Plastic Composite

Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) are composite materials that utilise wood fibres and thermoplastics. Additionally, WPCs may contain different lignocellulosic materials. These chemical additives are necessary for integrating the wood fibres and thermoplastics. WPC is usually produced by extruding the material through injection moulding. Extruded materials are then transformed into solid panels.

Think WPC is Plastic? Think Again!

WPC is a composite; it is biodegradable and utilises sustainable green materials including plant fibres and thermoplastics. WPC manufacturing does not involve the felling, lumbering, stripping of natural wood. It is no wonder it has become the preferred choice of environmentally-conscious homeowners around the world. Though the manufacturing process may result in a certain amount of emissions, exhaust scrubbing helps its environmental impact.

Did you know?

MuFlooring’s products are certified under the Green Label Singapore initiative, making us Singapore’s preferred choice for environmentally-friendly timber products in Singapore.

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Why Choose WPC?

There are many reasons why WPC is a preferred decking material:


If you are watching your carbon footprint, WPC uses wood fibres and thermoplastics which contributes to sustainability.

Can Be Recycled

WPC is 100 percent recyclable.

Superior durability

WPC decking is known for offering superior resistance to corrosion, bacterial attacks and, it also ages slowly. It is highly resistant to water damage.


WPC decking is easy to clean. It does not attract bugs and boasts superior resistance to the elements. Check out some tips and tricks to maintain your wooden flooring.

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Outdoor Wood Decking

Some of the most popular decking options for outdoor wood decking are Chengal, Teak, Ironwood.

Some factors to consider when grading wood species are dimensional stability, durability, and Janka hardness.

Although the beauty of wood decking is unrivalled, it requires some maintenance. Improper installation can have far-reaching implications such as the warping of decks. Thus, it is important to engage a trusted, decking specialist!

The way ahead

Deciding to install an outdoor deck is not an easy feat. Other than careful consideration of the best material to use, it is important to engage a qualified installer.

Contact our friendly MuFlooring Team for a chat to find out more!

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